NAIROBI - The nominees for the 2011 Chaguo La Teeniez (CHAT) Awards have been announced. As was expected, Daddy Owen, who arguably was the biggest artist last year, tops all artistes with 5 nominations for Teeniez Male Artiste, Teeniez Hottest Track for Saluti, Teeniez Gospel Artiste with Saluti and Tobina both nominated for Teeniez Gospel Song. Juliani and gospel group M.O.G have three nominations each and Jimmie Gait has two. Boy group B.M.F seem to be on an upward spiral and is up for Teeniez Brand New Artiste. The only other gospel artiste nominated is Eko Dydda.

NTV's Crossover 101, hosted by The System Unit and Citizen TV's Kubamba hosted by the K-Krew will go head-to-head in the Teeniez Hottest Music TV Show. The event, now in the 9th year will be held on 16th April at the Carnivore Grounds. Capital FM radio presenter (and Holy Dave's sister) Joey Muthengi and Neosoul artiste Anto will be the hosts. Voting is now open and seems like the only avenue this year is through phone text messaging.

To vote, simply send a text with the four-character code indicated in brackets next to the nominees name, to the number 5683. For example; to vote for Pascal Makau in the Teeniez Entertaining Performer award below, simply send the text message, A1a1, to the number 5683. You can also download music from select artists on the link provided.

Past events:
Chaguo la Teeniez Awards 2010
Chaguo la Teeniez Awards 2009 (was not held)
Chaguo la Teeniez Awards 2008
Chaguo la Teeniez Awards 2007



Teeniez' Most Entertaining Performer
Pascal Makau - Lenana High School (A1a1)
Edwin Omega - Kakamega High School (A1a2)
David Rombo - Dagoretti High School (A1a3)
Gladwell Gitonga - Karima Girls High School (A1a4)

Teeniez’ Most Exciting School Play/ Dance/ Verse
The Storm - Kakamega High School (A1b1)
The Modem - Menengai High School (A1b2)
Kaa Chonjo - Karima Girls High School (A1b3)
Sweet Mother - Moi Girls High School, Nairobi (A1b4)

Teeniez’ Male Team of the Year
Mang’u High School – Rugby (A2a1)
Maseno High School – Basketball (A2a2)
St. Mark’s (Nyanza) – Football (A2a3)
Malava High School – Volleyball (A2a4)

Teeniez’ Female Team of the Year
New Jogoo Girls Secondary School – Football (A2b1)
Malava Girls High School – Volleyball (A2b2)
Tigo Girls High School – Basketball (A2b3)
Kerugoya Girls – Hockey (A2b4)

Teeniez’ Athlete of the Year
Sam Odera – Maseno (Basketball) (A2c1)
Noordin Alenga – Mang’u (Rugby) (A2c2)
Elgai Kuloba – Malava (Volleyball) (A2c3)
Wendy Achieng – New Jogoo Girls (Football) (A2c4)

Teeniez’ Artist or Group
Mr. Seed – Be The Change High School) (A3a1)
Tapa Gyal – Loreto Convent Valley Road) (A3a2)
Shrekeezy – Pema Victorious Secondary) (A3a3)
Eastlandos – Jamhuri High School) (A3a4)

Teeniez’ Dance Group
Black Blingers - Jamhuri High School (A3b1)
DAWN – Starehe Boys Centre (A3b2)
Miscarz - Parkland Secondary (A3b3)
Titanz - Dandora Secondary (A3b4)


Teeniez' Male Artist
Jua Cali (B1a1)
Daddy Owen (B1a2) Download
Nonini (B1a3)
Juliani (B1a4) Download

Teeniez' Female Artist
Amani (B1b1)
Avril (B1b2)
Size 8 (B1b3)
Wahu (B1b4)

Teeniez' Group or Collaboration
M.O.G. (B1c1) Download
Marya and Avril (B1c2)
P Unit (B1c3)
Sauti Sol (B1c4)

Teeniez' Brand New Artist
BMF (B1d1) Listen
Lady B (B1d2)
QTY (B1d3)
Rapdamu (B1d4)

Teeniez' Gospel Artist
Daddy Owen (B1e1) Download
Eko Dydda (B1e2) Listen
Jimmy Gait (B1e3) Listen
Juliani (B1e4) Download

Teeniez' Gospel Song
Papa God Ooh – M.O.G. & Mr.Seed (B1f1) Download
Saluti- Daddy Owen & Friends (B1f2) Download
Wedding Day- M.O.G. (B1f3) Download
Tobina – Daddy Owen (B1f4) Download

Teeniez' Hottest Track
Chokoza – Avril & Marya (B1g1)
Get Down – Madtraxx (B1g2)
Kare – P Unit (B1g3)
Saluti – Daddy Owen & Friends (B1g4) Download

Teeniez' LIVE Performer
Jimmy Gait (B1h1) Listen
Juliani (B1h2) Download
Redsan (B1h3)
Size 8 (B1h4)

Teeniez' Sizzlin' Music Video
Chokoza – Avril & Marya (B1i1)
Genge Love – Nonini ft. Lady Bee (B1i2)
Get Down – Madtraxx (B1i3)
Kare – P Unit (B1i4)

Teeniez' VJ or DJ
VJ Kalonje (B1j1)
VJ Mantix (B1j2)
VJ Rayza (B1j3)
DJ Wesley (B1j4)

Teeniez' Radio Station with Most Hype Presenters
Maina & Kinga'ng'i- Classic 105 (B2a1)
Carolyne Mutoko, Jalang'o & Larry Asego – Kiss 100 (B2a2)
Shaffie and Kalekye - Kiss 100 (B2a3)
Sheila Mwanyigha - Easy FM (B2a4)

Teeniez' Blazin' FM Station
Easy FM (B2b1)
Ghetto Radio (B2b2)
Homeboyz Radio (B2b3)
Kiss 100 (B2b4)

Teeniez' Hottest Music TV Show
Crossover 101 – NTV (B3a1)
Kubamba TV - Citizen TV (B3a2)
Riddim Up - K24 (B3a3)
Str8- Up Live – KTN (B3a4)

Teeniez' TV Actor
Jobu (Bernard Safari) - Beba Beba, NTV (B3b1)
MaDVD (Brian Ole Ndwala) – Machachari, Citizen TV (B3b2)
OJ (Dennis Mugo) - Tahidi High, Citizen TV (B3b3)
Omosh (Joseph Kinuthia) - Tahidi High, Citizen TV (B3b4)

Teeniez' TV Actress
Gabi (Hellena Waithera) – Tabasamu, Citizen TV (B3c1)
Shish (Shirleen Wangari) - Tahidi High, Citizen TV (B3c2)
Tanya (Sarah Hassan) - Tahidi High, Citizen TV (B3c3)
Tasha (Nancy Wanjiko) - Beba Beba, NTV (B3c4)

Teeniez' TV Drama or Soap Show
Beba Beba – NTV (B3d1)
Changing Times – KTN (B3d2)
Machachari - Citizen TV (B3d3)
Tahidi High - Citizen TV (B3d4)

Teeniez' Brand New TV Show
Changing Times - KTN (B3e1)
Higher Learning – NTV (B3e2)
Machachari – Citizen TV (B3e3)
Nairobi Law – Citizen TV (B3e4)

Teeniez' TV Comedy or Reality Show
Churchill Live – NTV (B3e1)
Machachari – Citizen TV (B3e2)
Papa Shirandula – Citizen TV (B3e3)
Sakata – Citizen TV (B3e4)

Teeniez' Role Model
Cecilia Mwanbi (B4a1)
David Rudisha Citizen TV (B4a2)
Martha Karua (B4a3)
McDonald Mariga (B4a4)

Teeniez' Ring Back Tone with SKIZA
Hatarudi Nyuma - Kidum
Haujanisahau - Lydia Joy Kaimuri
Kenya National Anthem - GoK
Queen - Longombas

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